But, with help from his Disability Employment Services (DES) Recruitment Partner Bron, Patrick found a job with a local Rockhampton employer willing to give him a chance.

“At first, Bron helped me work out what kind of job might be best for me and helped me with my resume,” said Patrick.

Despite many barriers to employment, Bron never doubted Patrick’s potential. “Sometimes you have to think outside the box and trust your gut feeling about someone,” said Bron.

“Patrick showed dedication in our meetings, and a willingness to learn. He just needed to be given a go.”

Finding an employer to give Patrick a chance

So, after working with Patrick for a few months, Bron contacted Pat the owner of High Tech Generators. She discussed Patrick’s barriers and highlighted his potential. Plus, explained the support Community Solutions provides both the employer and employee.

While Pat knew it would take some work on his part, he gave Patrick the opportunity to prove himself.

“Everyone deserves a chance,” said Pat. “It’s a matter of working with someone’s strengths and weaknesses and adjusting the workplace to suit.”

“We got to know him first and then looked at the areas of the business that fit for him, and for us,” said Pat.

Setting up Patrick for success

The Community Solutions team also helped Pat source specialised equipment to help Patrick in his role.

“We were able to purchase lifting equipment to help him work safely, and that’s now Patrick’s to use here with us or in a job with another employer in the future, said Pat.

DES customer Patrick working with specialised equipment

Building Patrick’s confidence

With support from the team at High Tech Generators and Community Solutions, Patrick finally got the chance to show he could work.

“Community Solutions helped me get started with uniforms and even getting to and from work,” said Patrick.

Although a little hesitant at first, Patrick started his first week with a visual induction and some hands-on work with the mechanic, enjoying every moment. He asked questions and showed initiative to look up information if he didn’t understand and took notes to help him remember.

After a few months his confidence soared. As a result, Patrick now talks to customers which is a big step for him. His noticed his progress too.

“He’s a smart young man, and an asset to our business,” said Pat. “The commitment is worth it from both a business and personal side.

A traineeship and a future

As a result of his hard work, Patrick had the opportunity to start a Certificate II Retail Assistant traineeship. And, he couldn’t be more excited.

“I like learning new things and now I have an understanding of what happens in the workplace,” said Patrick. “It’s way better being at work than just at home. It’s given me a sense of purpose.” “I want to keep working, get this first qualification and then get other skills along the way.

Patrick is currently training to get his forklift license and can’t wait to take the next step in his career.

Our team helped Patrick find the right job for him and we can help you too. Find out more about our Disability Employment Services and get started on your career journey.

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