Specialist support coordination

Our experienced practitioners are here to help participants reduce challenges within the support environment and connect with the right providers, so they can focus on reaching their goals.

Get additional NDIS support with specialist support coordination

Support coordinators and specialist support coordinators provide different levels of support.

A support coordinator helps you plan and implement your funded supports. A specialist support coordinator will also provide extra support if you have additional or complex needs.

Overcome challenges in everyday life

Participants can connect with specialised services and have access to a high level of support to help them overcome challenges within the support environment such as health, education, or justice services.

Specialist support coordination is provided by social workers, psychologists and other Allied Health professionals who have experience in working with people who have complex needs, including:

  • mental ill-health
  • intellectual disability
  • behaviours of concern.

With support, individuals can reduce barriers, connect with the right supports and build skills to support their independence and quality of life.

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Benefits of specialist support coordination

  • Support with high or complex needs from experienced practitioners
  • Help with connecting to the right supports and making sure you get the most from an NDIS plan
  • Assistance with coordinating supports
  • Advice and skills to address and overcome barriers
  • Ongoing support to help reach NDIS goals

Funding for both

You can be funded for support coordination and specialist support coordination in the same plan. Sometimes participants need both and are funded for both. If you have both in your plan, these will be provided by two different people because they are similar but different supports.

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