Are you looking for work? Do you have a disability, mental ill-health, injury or health condition?

Our Disability Employment Services make it easier for you to find and keep a job that’s perfect for your ability. We’ve been working within the community for more than 20 years. So, we know the jobs, the employers and can connect you to roles quicker.

Are you looking for work?

Disability Employment Services

Community Solutions is your local provider for Disability Employment Services (DES). We deliver two types of DES programs:


Employment Support Service: For people with a permanent disability and an assessed need for longer term, regular support in the workplace.


Disability Management Service: For people with disability, mental ill-health, illness, or injury who need the help of an employment service but do not expect to need long-term support in the workplace.


You can find out more about the Disability Employment Services at the Australian Government website

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Access jobs that match your skills and abilities

With fewer jobs becoming available, job seekers need access to local roles now more than ever. We live and work in your community and have strong relationships with local employers. Therefore, we can find tailored job options for you and will connect you to employers sooner.

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Receive maximum time, attention and help

We know that it can be frustrating to find a provider who will listen to your needs. As well as providing on-going support during your job seeking path, our team of specialists will listen and take the time to understand your needs and challenges.


Through working together, we will develop your unique support and enable you to reach your working goals. For example:

  • Help looking for jobs
  • Work experience
  • Help with resume writing and interview skills
  • Assistance with job applications
  • Personal and medical assistance.


Download our Disability Employment Services brochure.

Overcome challenges to finding a job

We recognise that finding and keeping a job is not all about searching. It’s also about having access to the support that will enable you to get a job and stay in work.


Our DES program will give you access to funding and additional programs that will help you stay in work. For example:

  • Education and Cert III short courses
  • Work-related expenses to help you get started, such as work-wear and travel, and
  • Assistance connecting with appropriate health professionals and health programs.
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We stay by your side throughout your career

Receive ongoing support from our friendly team and feel in control and confident you’re on the right path.


We’ll help you learn about your new role, liaise with your employer when needed, help with workplace modifications and more.

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Want to stay in your current role?

Are you already at work, but are at risk of losing your job because of disability, a mental ill-health, illness or injury? Stay at work with our ‘Work Assist’ program.

You and your employer will receive:

  • Face-to-face guidance
  • Advice around job redesign
  • A workplace assessment and workplace modifications, where required.
Find out more about Work Assist at the Australian Government website

Disability Employment for High school students

Finding a job as a young person can be tough and usually doesn’t happen by chance.


Our specialist team are here to help you meet your career goals and will develop a step-by-step plan to help you get there.


Download our DES school flyer. 

Am I eligible for DES?

Our DES program could be available to you. To be eligible, you must:

  • Be an Australian Citizen, resident or on a temporary visa
  • Have a disability, mental ill-health, injury or health condition
  • Be aged between 14 and 65 years.

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Creating social and economic opportunities

Community Solutions is a service partner of CoAct, a national network of community service providers working together to create social and economic opportunities for Australia’s disadvantaged.

Find out more about our partners, CoAct here

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