Building confidence at the local library

Meet Briony Large, a dedicated volunteer at her local library. While volunteering was a great achievement for her, Briony felt a desire to explore new horizons, yet the fear of stepping out of her comfort zone held her back. Little did she know that a simple step would lead her to an extraordinary journey towards self-discovery and employment.

A helping hand from Nikita

Enter Nikita, a Recruitment Partner from Community Solutions, specialising in Disability Employment Services. When Briony reached out for support, Nikita became the catalyst for change in her life. Together, they embarked on a journey to build Briony’s confidence and unlock her true potential.

“Briony and I worked together to start some volunteer work at the local Op Shop, with the goal to get Briony engaging with customers,” Nikita shared.

From volunteering to self-confidence

As Briony dove into volunteering at the Op Shop, her confidence soared. The experience served as a stepping stone for her to take the next bold move—walking into businesses, handing in her resume, and confidently attending interviews.

“When I first met Nikita, the prospect of paid employment was too overwhelming for me. But with her motivation and encouragement, I became excited about my prospects and proud of how far I came,” Briony reflected.

Turning setbacks into opportunities

Briony faced setbacks in her journey, with unsuccessful interviews leaving her feeling deflated. However, her perseverance and the unwavering support from Nikita changed the game. The unexpected opportunity arrived when Nikita thought of Briony for the role of a Casual Hospitality Store Sales Consultant at Reward Hospitality, Mackay.

“I’m extremely grateful to be given this opportunity and for the wonderful crew at Reward Hospitality to welcome me into the family. It took many years, and I thought it may never happen, but I’m so appreciative of all the support I have received along the way,” Briony expressed with gratitude.

Making a great impression

Briony’s mentor, Emma Buffini, Regional Sales Manager at Reward Hospitality, was impressed by the calibre of candidates recruited through Community Solutions and the Disability Employment Services program.

“She has settled in well and owns her day. She knows her role inside and out and is a valuable part of the team. She has really developed in her confidence and even asked for more responsibility,” Emma shared.

Stepping up in a hectic environment

The sales industry can be overwhelming, especially for an introvert like Briony. However, Emma was impressed with Briony’s go-getter attitude and her ability to show initiative in a fast-paced environment.

“This is a very hectic environment that we work in, there are a lot of loud people. So, for Briony to step into herself and show initiative early on in her role – and as an introvert – has really impressed us. She has now stepped up and manages her own area in the showroom,” Emma commended.

A proud success story

Briony’s journey from volunteering at the local library to becoming a confident and valued team member at Reward Hospitality, is a testament to the transformative power of Disability Employment Services. Her story showcases that with the right support and encouragement, anyone can overcome challenges and realise their full potential.

As Briony rightfully says, “It took many years, and I thought it may never happen, but I’m so appreciative of all the support I have received along the way.”

If you or someone you know is looking for support in employment through Disability Employment Services, contact Community Solutions at 1300 621 499 to start the journey toward unlocking your potential. Remember, every step forward is a step toward success!

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