Play Therapy - Specialist Behaviour Intervention

Play Therapy uses a relationship based, person-centered approach and is facilitated between therapist and child. Play Therapy provides a safe space for children to express themselves and explore feelings, concerns, thoughts, and behaviours. Through this relationship, the child can build on their capacity to master new skills and enhance their emotional responses to everyday life.

What happens during a session?

During the session, the child is in control while the therapist follows the child’s lead as they play.

The therapist observes closely and participates as appropriate, then uses these observations as a guide for the child’s next steps.

As therapy progresses, behaviours and goals can be reassessed. Sometimes the therapist will choose to observe your child at play either alone or with family members.

The goal of Play Therapy

The goal of this therapy is to help children explore new ways to problem-solve and develop coping strategies.

The techniques used in play therapy also encourage the child to have positive interactions with others, learn appropriate ways to express emotions and take responsibility for their own behaviour.

Benefits of Play Therapy

A child learns:

• Ability to express themselves
• Insights about self
• To better understand the way they emotionally regulate
• Confidence and self-esteem which increase resilience
• Enhanced ability to process emotions

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