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What is the ParentsNext program?

The ParentsNext program can support you to create and achieve your education, training, and employment goals.

Together we work with you to understand your individual circumstances and develop a practical and supportive approach to overcome barriers that you may prevent you from achieving your goals which include:

  • access to transport, childcare, and affordable housing
  • low levels of confidence, work experience, education, and training

Additional support is also available from service providers such as financial advisors, counsellors, and psychologists as well as peer and social support groups.

Eligibility requirements

To participate in this program, you will need to meet the following requirements:

  • You have had no employment in the last six months and have a child under six years old.
  • You are receiving the Parenting Payment from Centrelink.
  • You are a parent and wish to participate on a voluntary basis (in some locations including Mackay).


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