Luke’s career strides

Luke is currently pursuing a Certificate III in Aircraft Surface Finishing while actively contributing to the field by working on helicopters. His apprenticeship with Community Solutions, hosted at Pacific Crown Helicopters, started in June 2022. Luke’s commitment to excellence and passion for his craft have set him on a trajectory towards a successful career.

Endorsement from industry veterans

The significance of Luke’s achievements is magnified by the acknowledgment of his great work, from industry veterans. Luke has earned high praise from his supervisor, David Jackman (fondly known as Jacko), who boasts an impressive 40 years in the industry. Jacko commended Luke by saying,

Luke is the best apprentice I have ever had!

From someone with such a distinguished career such as Jacko, this really highlights the sentiment.  

Pacific Crown Helicopters, a nurturing environment

Pacific Crown Helicopters has proven to be a nurturing environment for apprentices, as shown by hosting not only Luke, but also another apprentice and a trainee through Community Solutions. The recent celebration of the completion of another traineeship demonstrates the growth opportunities within this excellent organisation.

Opportunities through networking

The achievement is not only a testament to Luke’s hard work but also highlights the power of strategic connections. Thanks to our collaboration with the Manufacturing Excellence Forum Sunshine Coast (MEFSC), our team secured an ideal apprenticeship opportunity for Luke at Pacific Crown Helicopters. This success shows the importance of networking for opening doors to unique career opportunities.

A bright future for apprenticeship programs

Luke’s achievements are not just a personal triumph, but also a celebration of the strong partnership between Community Solutions and Pacific Crown Helicopters.

General Manager of Pacific Crown Helicopters, Stefan Nageli said, “Hiring quality apprentices and trainees through Community Solutions has helped our workforce grow. Candidates are specifically chosen for their passion in the aviation profession and diligent work ethic. We have a very high calibre of employees, who meet the needs of the business and their own professional goals.”   

Luke’s recognition is a testament to his commitment and the opportunities that arise through strategic partnerships. As we celebrate his achievements, we also acknowledge the supportive environment provided by Pacific Crown Helicopters, encouraging growth and success for apprentices in the aviation industry.

The future looks promising for both Luke and our apprenticeship program, and we anticipate more success stories in the years to come.

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