Designed with the local community in mind, the O2 Performance facility will not only cater to everyone from elite athletes to everyday local gym members but will also welcome a range of community groups to access state-of-the art equipment, rehabilitation programs and advanced sports science technology.

Miguel Rojano, Director O2 Performance said the facility’s vision is to empower, educate and inspire individuals to own and monitor their health and wellbeing through a professional support network.

“Whether you are an everyday gym-goer, elite athlete, undergoing rehabilitation, have an injury or disability, O2 Performance will assist you to achieve your goals.”

Community Solutions Group and Endeavour Foundation Executive General Manager said the partnership provides a platform for a range of community engagement opportunities.

“We look forward to creating connections through our programs and services where this type of facility is often out of reach for those who may have a disability, or face disadvantage or social barriers.

“It’s wonderful that O2 recognises that ‘high performance’ does not only relate to elite athletes, anyone can aspire to fulfil their potential in whatever form that takes.”