A new chapter begins in Mackay

Meet Ricki Crump, a resilient individual at 58 years old, who embarked on a journey to find suitable employment in Mackay after facing challenges on the Sunshine Coast. Despite dealing with osteoarthritis in his lower back, Ricki was determined to overcome physical barriers and contribute meaningfully to society. His story is a testament to the transformative power of Disability Employment Services.

Discovering hope with Community Solutions

Ricki approached Community Solutions with a desire to find fulfilling employment that would see him through to retirement. The Mackay team listened to his needs and took time to fully understand his aspirations. Within a couple of weeks, they secured a position for him as a Warehouse Assistant/Forklift Driver at Reward Hospitality – precisely what he had hoped for.

“I started the job with Reward Hospitality, and they understood my predicament as to what I could and couldn’t do, without discrimination,”

Ricki shared.

From 2 Days to 5: A Journey of Self-Worth

Starting with two days a week, Ricki was closely monitored by Reward Hospitality and Community Solutions. The supportive environment allowed him to gradually build up to working five days a week. Now he revels in his newfound lease on life.

“I am loving my new outlook on life. Now I have self-worth and feel like I am contributing to society,” Ricki expressed with satisfaction.

A strong recommendation: Contact Community Solutions

Ricki strongly advises anyone facing physical or mental barriers in employment to reach out to Community Solutions. His positive experience highlights the friendliness and approachability of the team, affirming that they can help individuals find suitable employment tailored to their needs.

“This is the best job I have ever had in my life; I am thoroughly enjoying it,”

Ricki stated proudly.

A supportive mentor

Ricki’s mentor, Emma Buffini, Regional Sales Manager at Reward Hospitality supported Ricki through his transition into the company and acknowledges his exceptional qualities.

She expressed, “Ricki is hardworking, he fitted in straight away, he has got a great personality and is very loyal. Honestly, if I had three of him my business would be on fire. He is amazing.”

Reward Hospitality recognises Ricki’s potential and is investing in his future development. Emma highlighted, “Once Ricki gets to a stage in his working career where he will not be able to work the forklift anymore, we want to give him the tools to carry on with the company.”

A positive impact on the workplace

This success story is the second time Reward Hospitality has recruited through Community Solutions and the Disability Employment Services program in Mackay. Emma reflects on the noticeable positive change in both Ricki and their other employee, Briony since starting their roles at Reward Hospitality.

“They come to work with more confidence. They are peaceful, calm, and happy to be there. You can tell they are proud of themselves, and their sense of pride has grown. They are both very valuable, very good team members,” Emma affirmed.

As an additional note, Emma shared Ricki’s talent as an artist, inviting others to check out some of his impressive work.

Overcoming challenges with the right support

Ricki’s story serves as an inspiration, showcasing that with the right support and opportunities, individuals can overcome physical barriers and find meaningful employment. Disability Employment Services, demonstrated through the team at Community Solutions, plays a pivotal role in breaking down barriers and creating positive transformations in people’s lives.

If you or someone you know is seeking assistance in employment through Disability Employment Services, reach out to Community Solutions at 1300 621 499. Take the first step on the path to unlocking your potential.

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