Hannah has recently finished her apprenticeship in Outdoor Power Equipment Technology, hosted by the Stihl Shop Nambour. In 2018 she was awarded Apprentice of the Year. Hannah is the first female apprentice winner, in a non-traditional trade, in the 30 years of the awards.

The partnership it seems is a winning combination as Hannah is supervised by past ComSol apprentice and fellow Apprentice of the Year for 2015, Ryan Orrell.

Community Solutions Field Representative Jessica Lundgren said that throughout an apprenticeship sites are visited regularly to provide support and performance feedback to the employee and host employer.

“We have consistently found that Hannah is a pleasure to have in the workplace, with outstanding initiative, diligence, diagnostic assessment, and willingness to take the time to be thorough and apply safe work practices. Hannah has shown an interest in furthering her skills to succeed in her industry, from forklift driving to business and aborist courses”, said Jessica.

Hannah’s efforts in the the workplace and TAFE training were reflected in her receiving the Apprentice of the Quarter award in December and going on to receive the Apprentice of the Year accolade in April.

“I was delighted to be recognised and so grateful to Andrew and Cath Kendray at the Stihl Shop Nambour and would like to acknowledge their commitment to my training. The award shows that my enthusiasm for my work is noticed, ” said Hannah.

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