In the past five years, Dale Emery Carpentry Services has hired more than fifty apprentice Carpenters through Community Solutions Group Training service.

Our apprentices on the Sunshine Coast have stayed with Dale for between 3 and 10 months as his business ebbs and flows. This is a big bonus and just one of the reasons he continues to hire apprentices through Community Solutions.

A flexible workforce

“I’ve employed apprentice carpenters both directly and through Community Solutions,” said Dale.

“It’s all about flexibility. When we have big jobs and we need more help we can get more apprentices.

“With Community Solutions the risk is reduced compared to employing an apprentice directly. We’re not locked in, but I do try to keep them for as long as I can.

“And, when the apprentices are doing their TAFE time, we don’t lose a pair of hands on a job and are down a person.”

But it’s not just the access to a flexible workforce that appeals to Dale, he also values the relationship with the Community Solutions team and their willingness to work with his systems and processes.

Working in partnership

“We have a specific system for recording hours and time sheets and many bigger companies won’t do things our way and then it becomes our problem. Also, they make invoicing simple. I just get one bill for all my apprentices,” said Dale.

“We’ve built a loyal relationship. Community Solutions are not just a supplier, more like a project partner. They’re always responsive and I never feel like just a client or a number”.

“It is so much better and easier than managing apprentices ourselves.”

Giving young tradies the best start

In 2019, Community Solutions awarded Dale Emery Construction Host Employer of the Year. An accolade well deserved based on feedback of the apprentice Carpenters who work with Dale.

“Our apprentices always enjoy working for Dale,” said Warren Allen, Community Solutions Team Leader, Group Training. “He’s organised and plans ahead. Safety is number one and they get the opportunity to work on both domestic and commercial sites.”

“Changing between employers also has benefits for our apprentices,” said Warren. “They like working with multiple host employers. They get to see how different builders’ work and end up with a well-rounded skill set by the end of their apprenticeship.”

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