Snapshot of Disability and Employment

Snapshot of Disability and Employment in Australia

Source: Australian Network on Disability.

Did you know…

Jobs sit at the heart of our communities. And, employment is vital in helping Australians with all abilities and the communities we live in to grow.

The Australian Network on Disability has recently released key statistics around disability and employment in Australia.

As a result, the study showed 1 in 5 people have some form of disability in Australia.

And, 2.1 Million Australians of working age have disabilities. However, 1 Million are employed and 114,900 are looking for work.

Whereas only 34% of people with disability are managers and professionals.

Finding you the right job at the right place

For more than 20 years we’ve been helping job seekers find the right job at the right place. Most importantly, last year alone we placed over 800 people with disability into employment.

Within the first couple of weeks, Community Solutions found me employment. It was only temporary for three or four weeks, but I was just so over the moon about it. That broke the barrier and put me back into the workforce.

John, Disability Employment Services customer.

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