Hiring people with diverse abilities

Find exceptional talent with diverse abilities through Disability Employment Services (DES) with Community Solutions. We deliver DES in partnership with CoAct – a not-for-profit and leading employment services provider.

Benefits of building a diverse and inclusive workforce

Embracing a diverse workforce not only enriches a business’s culture but also expands talent pool, with one in five Australians living with a disability. By incorporating inclusivity into the recruitment process, it increases the chances of finding the perfect match for your team.

Research also shows that inclusive organisations experience higher levels of employee engagement and satisfaction, resulting in improved productivity and lower turnover rates. Investing in diversity not only saves on recruitment costs but also enhances your brand’s reputation.

Comprehensive support for employers

Efficiently integrate diverse talent into your team with our tailored support:

  • Customised recruitment strategies at no cost.
  • Inclusive workplace training.
  • Assistance in accessing funding and wage subsidies.
  • Pre-screened candidates matching your requirements.
  • Trial opportunities for candidate fit.
  • Ongoing support.

Our employer solutions are designed to assist you in every step of the process, ensuring a seamless integration of diverse talent into your workforce.

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Financial assistance to help your business grow

To support inclusive employment and the growth of your workforce, eligible businesses can access government wage subsidies up to $10,000.

There’s also financial assistance available to help you upgrade your workplace to suit your new employee’s needs. Our team can take you through the criteria and application process for wage subsidies.

Learn more about available wage subsidies here or contact us on 1300 621 499 to learn more about our employment solutions.

How to maximise employee potential through job carving

Job carving tailors job roles to match the specific abilities and talents of individual candidates within your business. This process involves analysing and potentially redesigning positions to better align with the unique skills and strengths of employees, creating the perfect job match.

Integrating job carving into your hiring process enables you to construct a highly skilled team where each member’s potential is fully maximised. This tailored approach ensures that employees are placed in roles where they can make the greatest impact. Ultimately, job carving facilitates the seamless integration of new team members, fostering inclusivity and efficiency within your workforce.

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Reward Hospitality’s candidate success

“Ricki is hardworking, he fitted in straight away, he has got a great personality and is very loyal. Honestly, if I had three of him my business would be on fire. He is amazing.”

Emma Buffini, Regional Sales Manager at Reward Hospitality.

This success story is the second time Reward Hospitality has recruited through Community Solutions and the Disability Employment Services program in Mackay.

Read more about Ricki’s story here.

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