Eddie is a Disability Employment Services (DES) customer with Community Solutions Rockhampton. He volunteers as a firefighter in his local community and spent time working on railways. After Eddie’s railway work dried up, he wanted a new job opportunity and a new team to be a part of.

“You feel like ‘When am I going to get any work’. I was always at home and I just wanted to work.” Eddie said.

Access to opportunities

Eddie loves to throw himself into every opportunity. Fortunately, Eddie has access to support and training to help him find work thanks to the Community Solutions Rockhampton team.

Eddie helps out at the local Community Solutions events. In doing so, he gains experience with completing different tasks and is able to meet new people. Eddie is also tasked with making sure these events are accessible to everyone.

“I walk around and look at if you were in a wheelchair how would you get into places that don’t have wheelchair access.” Said Eddie.

Eddie’s eagerness to take up any opportunity shows that he really wants to work, explains Community Solutions Rockhampton team members Margi and Bronach.

“He has always been one of my favourite people. Eddie’s smile and enthusiasm are infectious, and he has always been keen for involvement with events,” says Margi.

Finding the right employer

Margi searched for the right job opportunity that would allow Eddie to put his skills to use and be around a great team.

Fortunately, Liam, Dealer Principal of the local Central Isuzu, needed a part-time yard worker. So, one of his team mentioned it might be a good opportunity to hire someone with a disability. As a result, Eddie started his employment with Central Isuzu.

“It’s not the first time I’ve employed someone with a disability.” Said Liam. “It’s been my experience that if you give people the opportunity to gain employment, they become an enormous advocate to the business.”

Margi and Bronach work closely with Liam and Eddie to make sure he has all the support he needs to smash out his tasks. Bronach heads out to Central Isuzu each week to see Eddie. Sometimes, she even jumps on the tools to help him clean the trucks.

“Bronach comes out and usually spends a good 2-3 hours a week with Eddie and actually works alongside him which I find incredible,” says Liam.

A new job and a new team!

Eddie has settled into his new role cleaning trucks at Central Isuzu. His eagerness to learn, work and be a part of the team is truly valued in the workplace.

“Eddie’s attitude is very refreshing, he really appreciates the opportunities that he’s given… he’s always happy, always up for a chat,” says Liam.

He even supports the company outside of work hours.

“We’ve had staff see Eddie out on the weekend and he has his Isuzu hat on. He tells everyone who wants to listen that they need to buy a truck from our dealership.” Said Liam.

Great work Eddie! Looks like you’ve landed yourself a fantastic job and team.

If you’re struggling to find your perfect job, Eddie says “Just have fun. Go with what’s your favourite.”

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