Neil has a disability that requires 24/7 care, and receives Support Coordination services from Community Solutions. One of his NDIS goals is to make sure he has control over his life and can choose activities he loves doing. As Neil had spent most of his life outdoors and surfing, he really wanted to go down to the beach again and put his feet in the sand.

I wanted to get the sea back into my veins, Neil said.

Hearing this, Neil’s Support Coordinator Samantha got to work. Along with Leah from the community organisation WeDoo Care they helped bring Neil’s goal to life. There was a lot of planning involved, and Samantha and Leah had to engage the local surf club to assist. As Neil is in a wheelchair, he had to get a special beach wheelchair that could easily take him through the sand to the water.

Neil and surf lifesaver on beach

Beach days are the best days

Because of his disability, Neil never thought a trip to the beach was possible and accepted the fact that his life was now within the four walls of a nursing home. But through Samantha’s determination and the exceptional working relationship with WeDoo Care, Neil was able to achieve his goal. And he had a blast!

This wasn’t just a one-off trip, though. Neil’s new Support Coordinator Debra has made sure he can continue going to the beach – with the help of his beach wheelchair! He loves getting immersed in the surf and getting splashed all over. Plus, there’s the added bonus that his support workers get soaked as well.

If Neil gets asked whether he’s too cold in the water, he simply replies ‘Nah, used to it’, as any good surfer would say.

And every beach outing is always topped off with a beer or two, some calamari and a couple of potato scallops.

Neil on the beach with surfers

A new lease on life

Achievements like these mean Neil now has the confidence and ability to actively engage with the local community and participate in activities he loves. He’s involved in Sailability (which assists people of all abilities to get into sailing), has attended the Noosa surfing festival, has seen live bands and has also completed a beach swim assisted by local surf lifesavers.

Neil is currently working on a surfboard photo collage to celebrate his recent achievements. He has already scraped the wax off one of his surfboards ready to glue on the images.

A fantastic result for Neil!

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