In a world that celebrates diversity and inclusion, it’s crucial that everyone, regardless of their abilities, has the chance to chase their dreams and lead a fulfilling life. However, many people with different abilities often face unique hurdles when it comes to finding suitable jobs. The story of Sarah, an extraordinary individual, and her experience with Community Solutions’ Disability Employment Services shows the impact of dedicated support when it comes to finding meaningful work.

A fresh start

Meet Sonja, a Recruitment Partner at Community Solutions, who played a significant role in Sarah’s journey to finding meaningful work. Sarah initially came to Community Solutions after facing difficulties with her previous job service provider. She was eager to enter the workforce and was looking for the support she needed to make it happen.

“Sarah approached us seeking employment – she genuinely wanted to join the workforce. She came to us because she was struggling to find work with her current provider, and we assured her that we could help.”


A quick transition

When Sarah joined Community Solutions, her transition to Disability Employment Services was fast and efficient. Her first appointment was scheduled promptly, and within just a day, she was already placed with a reputable employer.

“She transferred over to us, and we quickly got her started with her initial appointment. The very next day, she was already working with one of our great employers.”


Breaking down barriers

To make sure Sarah could succeed in her new role, Sonja went the extra mile. Recognising Sarah’s need for appropriate work attire and dependable transportation, she stepped in to provide vital support.

“Sarah needed some help with work clothing, so I took her shopping, and she also needed a bicycle for transportation to her workplace.” Sonja.

A remarkable turnaround

Sarah’s experience with Community Solutions was a world apart from her previous job service provider. The swift and seamless process of signing up, landing a job the very next day, and receiving assistance with clothing and transportation left her amazed.

“I turned to Community Solutions because my previous provider wasn’t giving me the support I needed.

“Community Solutions set me up with a job the day after I signed up – it didn’t take long at all.

“They even helped me with transportation, getting me a bicycle, and provided me with work clothing because I didn’t have any.”


Achieving success

Thanks to the support of Community Solutions, Sarah now has steady employment. She works as a cleaner at a gym and also handles office cleaning, showcasing her dedication and versatility.

“I’m so happy that I have a job now.”


Sarah’s journey, with the help of Community Solutions’ Disability Employment Services, is an example of the potential for positive change in disability employment. The commitment and dedication shown by Community Solutions not only ensured Sarah’s successful integration into the workforce but also transformed her life for the better.

As we move towards a more inclusive future, opportunities like the one given to Sarah should be accessible to all individuals. Disability Employment Services plays a vital role in bridging the gap between job seekers and employers, creating a more inclusive and diverse workforce that benefits everyone.

Sarah’s success demonstrates that with the right support and guidance, individuals with different abilities can overcome obstacles and reach their career goals. Her story is a reminder that a more inclusive and diverse workforce is not just a dream but an achievable reality.

No matter your age or background, with determination and the right support, dreams can become a reality.

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