At just seventeen years old, Jordan Richardson is a shining example of the power of determination and compassion. Driven by a desire to create a positive impact in the lives of others, Jordan’s journey has taken him into the world of support work. Leaving high school with a clear goal in mind, he embarked on a path that has not only shaped his career aspirations but has also touched the lives of those he supports. Currently enrolled in a Certificate III in Individual Support, Jordan’s story is one of dedication, empowerment, and growth.

Embracing empowerment

As a part of the Community Solutions traineeship program in partnership with Endeavour Foundation, Jordan is not only pursuing formal education but also gaining hands-on experience at the Learning and Lifestyle Hub in Lawnton, Queensland. With a heart dedicated to helping others, he finds immense satisfaction in his role.

“I’m all about helping people, I just love it,” Jordan says.

One of the important lessons Jordan has learned during his time at Lawnton is the significance of empowering the individuals he supports to lead independent lives. As Australia faces a shortage of support workers, Jordan feels a sense of pride in advocating for the sector.

“I feel great to be able to help people we support develop their independence. More independence means they’re needing less support,” he emphasises.

A seamless fit

Sarita, the Site Manager at Lawnton Learning and Lifestyle, is an admirer of Jordan’s seamless integration into the team. Recognising the responsibility of nurturing his career, Sarita and her team ensure that Jordan feels comfortable and comprehends his role expectations daily. “We’re responsible for his career, so we want to make sure we set him up to succeed. We want to set up his foundation, so he achieves what he wants on his journey with us,” Sarita explains.

Hiring a trainee through Community Solutions has proven to be a straightforward process for Sarita and her team. All of the trainee’s employment necessities, from organising formal training to offering continuous support throughout their journey has been taken care of. Sarita speaks highly of the Community Solutions field officers, who regularly check up on her and Jordan, providing valuable guidance and reassurance. The experience has left such a positive impression that Sarita eagerly anticipates welcoming more trainees to her team.

Looking ahead for Jordan’s future aspirations

With his 12-month traineeship set to conclude in January 2024, Jordan’s determination continues to shine. He aspires not only to complete his training successfully but also to transition into a permanent role with Endeavour Foundation. Learning and growing in his current environment, Jordan expresses his contentment, stating, “I’m learning a lot and happy to stick here for a while and get to know the people we support, the staff, and how everyone works.”

Jordan’s appreciation for his team at Lawnton is reciprocated, as Sarita expresses her hopes for his continued presence. “The team here have been great. So, I’m planning on staying here if they’ll have me!” Jordan adds with enthusiasm. Sarita echoes the sentiment, saying, “Fingers crossed!”

Exploring opportunities through hiring a trainee through Community Solutions

If Jordan’s journey has inspired you to explore the possibility of hiring a trainee through Community Solutions, the process is made simple. By completing a quick Expression of Interest (EOI) form, you can open the doors to potential trainees who can make a positive impact on your business.

For inquiries or further information, feel free to reach out to the team via email at [email protected]

Jordan’s story exemplifies the power of dedication, empathy, and support in making a meaningful difference. As he continues his journey, he reminds us that every individual has the potential to create positive change, and with the right resources and opportunities, the impact can be profound.

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