In a market where employers receive hundreds of applications per position advertised, landing the perfect job will take more than skills and experience – you need to know how to exceed employer expectations.

Establishing your personal style, behaviour and manners from the outset can help to set you up for employment success.

This article is your quick guide to impressing employers before, during and after the interview process.

Perfect your online presence

Consider what recruiters might find about you online. Do a quick google search to find out.

Imagine your potential employer’s Recruitment Officer finding quirky Facebook or Instagram photos that you’d prefer they didn’t see.

In an increasingly online society, a first impression is not necessarily made at the job interview!

You know you are professional and highly skilled, but also friendly and well-mannered. Let’s make sure that any potential employer will see that too. So, when it comes to the virtual world, consider – who are you, where are you and how you come across.

  • Social media
    Update LinkedIn, Facebook and other sites that featured in your google search results. Fun photos are fine if they portray you in a positive light (and don’t reveal too much). Make sure Facebook and any other personal accounts are secure and private.
  • Email
    Which email address should you use for job applications? Hint: Not! If necessary, create a new address that is simple and professional that you use only for job applications. Don’t use a work email address.
  • Phone
    Do you have a clear and pleasant voicemail message for missed calls? This is another potential first impression for an employer, so it’s worth recording a new message with that in mind.

Research the business

Newly employed Administration Officer, Holly explained that her pre-interview research on the organisation was one of the keys to her recent job success.

“At each interview I attended, the interviewers asked how much I knew about the organisation”, Holly said.

Doing your homework proves that you are genuinely interested in working for their business. Exceed employer expectations by showing that you’ve taken the time to find out more.

Who is interviewing you?

Impress your interviewers further by knowing a little about who they are and what positions they hold in the company. If searching on LinkedIn doesn’t help you with this, a quick phone call to the employer prior to the interview is usually fine. Receptionists may offer helpful and supportive information about who’s who and what they do.

Young male jobseeker at job interview - Exceeding Employer Expectations

Practise positivity and confidence

Are you friendly and genuine throughout your application and interview process? It can be hard to stay positive after many unsuccessful job applications but it is vital to your success! If it doesn’t come naturally, practise, practise, practise.

An employer needs to feel assured that your personality will suit your potential new team.

Sending a thank you email after your interview shows gratitude and is another chance to show a point of difference from other applicants and exceed employer expectations.

Following up when you haven’t heard back

When you haven’t heard back after applying, is it okay to contact the organisation? Yes, if you have waited at least 2 weeks and are courteous in your communications. A brief email or quick phone call demonstrates a strong level of interest in a position.

The email or phone call should include a thank you for their time, mention that you’re still passionate about the position (include the position and company) and to contact you if they require any further information.

Notify referees

It’s good manners to let your referees know that they may receive a call from potential employers. It allows them time to recollect their thoughts around working with you and prepare for the conversation.

This is another positive sign for employers and contributes to a great first impression. It proves you to be a professional and considerate candidate who understands and follows appropriate employment protocol.

It’s important not to miss a single opportunity to showcase yourself as a standout candidate!

How did you go?

Are you are feeling more confident knowing that your first impression has already been carefully crafted?

Once you’ve set yourself up to exceed all employer expectations, increase your chance of success even further by checking out Looking for work online – Six top tips.

Good luck!

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