Misty was thinking about making the transition from full-time stay-at-home parent to a 9 to 5 job but didn’t know where to begin. She didn’t want to fail when trying to get into the workforce, but every time she started thinking about going to work to achieve her own goals, the dreaded mum guilt started to creep in.

Misty says “I was very strong-willed and really wanted to do something my life.”
That’s when Misty met Community Solutions ParentsNext Case Manager, Jillian. ParentsNext Mackay supports parents in their journey to get work-ready or study-ready.

Misty says ParentsNext supported her, “With the support of ParentsNext, I was able to complete a Certificate III in Individual support.”

Here are Jillian’s (or the ParentsNext team’s) top tips for reducing mum guilt and kicking goals.

Tip #1 Find your reason why

Put pen to paper and write down the top 5 reasons why you want to achieve your own work and or study goals. Keep this list visible (maybe on the fridge) and return to “Why” each time you are heading off course, or if the dreaded parent guilt starts to creep in.

Find your reason why. Identity, Learn new skills, set an example, and earn money.

  • Discover my own identify
  • Become skilled in an area I am interested in
  • Lead by example and show my kids what it’s like to have a job
  • Earn an income through my job.

Tip #2 Remain focused on your why, and think about what you want

Consider what you’re looking for when you do go back to work or study.

  • What type of work do I want in the future?
  • Full-time or part-time?
  • What industry do I want to work in?
  • Are there any courses for this industry?

If you’re unsure about what you might be able to do, ParentsNext supports parents wanting to study before returning to work, or achieving personal goals.

Tip #3 Prepare yourself for a new life stage

Moving into the workforce with children means a new chapter – what about childcare, school drop-off and pick-up? These thoughts can be truly overwhelming.

Don’t worry, most employers will consider flexible working arrangements to cater to staff with younger children. However, some roles may not be suitable due to the working hours or conditions required.

ParentsNext are here to support you and your goals, including working towards a role that enables you to be a parent, a student or a worker – or all of those!

Tip #3 Managing new work-life balance

ParentsNext will support you in developing your new study-life or work-life balance, including support with developing tactics to help you feel more in control and less like you are juggling many balls at once.

Some great tips include:

  • create a weekly planner to help manage household tasks and responsibilities
  • have pre-prepared meals you can freeze and then serve during the week
  • set up school drop-off and pick-up rosters with fellow parents or family to share the load
  • keep a calendar with both your work and family commitments and appointments.

If you are a stay-at-home parent and are on the fence about finding a new job or re-training for a new career path the ParentsNext program can support you. We can we guide you to achieve your goals by accessing core activities and services in the local community.

Together, we work with you to overcome parent guilt as well as address barriers such as:

  • access to transport
  • lack of confidence, work experience or education and training
  • cultural and linguistic differences
  • access to childcare
  • lack of family support
  • unstable / unaffordable accommodation
  • presence of domestic and family violence
  • access to technology
  • mental and physical health concerns.

You can also access information and connect with other service providers such as financial advisors, counsellors and psychologists, affordable childcare, peer and social supports, accommodation and housing support.

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