Community Solutions Group

Community Solutions Group includes Community Solutions, SkillsPlus, BRACE and Torgas to deliver over 25 programs to more than 17,000 customers, transform regional communities one person at a time as we support our customers goals, working with them on their pathway to possibilities.

Community Solutions

For more than 20 years Community Solutions have supported regional Queensland with services to improve the health and wellbeing of individuals and communities. Today, we continue to help customers in Queensland and Victoria through employment and group training services, one-on-one and group personal wellbeing programs and specialist disability supports.

SkillsPlus and BRACE

For more than 40 years SkillsPlus and BRACE have offered Victorian’s a pathway through education, training and employment. We support people to gain knowledge and skills to make a difference in their lives through education and finding and keeping a job.

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With more than 30 years of experience, TORGAS joined Community Solutions in 2015. They have worked alongside each other, providing support to job seekers, aspiring apprentices, and other services supporting the community.

Over this time, Community Solutions have aligned services and goals. In 2022, TORGAS merged completely with Community Solutions as one brand.

Endeavour Foundation

Coming together with Endeavour Foundation in 2014 has enabled us to be better than ever, by not just reaching more people but supporting them in more ways.

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