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If you’re after comprehensive employment services in Rockhampton, you can’t go past Community Solutions. Finding the perfect candidate for a job vacancy can be difficult, especially when you’re already busy trying to manage your day-to-day business needs. Community Solutions Rockhampton are committed to helping businesses find the right employees, diversify and grow their workforce, and provide support, so your hiring process runs smoothly.

Build A Diverse Workforce In Rockhampton With Our Tailored Employment Services

Finding the perfect candidate to fill one vacancy can be stressful and time-consuming, so finding multiple recruits for several roles is a daunting task. Community Solutions Rockhampton’s team of recruitment specialists can help by presenting you with hand-picked candidates that match your required skills, qualifications, and experience. We can also help your business with;

  • Pre-employment checks. It is important to vet and verify your candidates before hiring them so you can be sure of their qualifications and check that they don’t pose a risk to your business. Our pool of candidates all undergo pre-employment checks before applying with your business, so you can rest assured that they have no skeletons in their closets.
  • Ongoing employee support. We go to great lengths to ensure our recruits grow and thrive in their new roles. We provide employers with comprehensive post-placement support to help their new employees settle into the role and to help them build plans for their recruit’s career within the business.

Chose Community Solutions As Your Employment Services Provider In Rockhampton

At Community Solutions Rockhampton, we’re dedicated to supporting the growth of your business. We can help you find talented local candidates, access government wage subsidies, provide upskilling programs, and guide your management team on hiring strategies for a sustainable workforce.

  • Government wage subsidies. Individual eligible businesses may access up to $10,000 in government wage subsidies to grow their teams. We can help you to determine your eligibility for these subsidies and navigate the application process.
  • Help with diversity or disability hiring strategies. Enjoy the benefits of embracing diversity and inclusion within your business. When you hire candidates from diverse backgrounds, you can access a wealth of unique life experiences, skill sets, and qualifications to help move your business forward.

About Community Solutions Rockhampton

For more than 20 years, Community Solutions Rockhampton has helped businesses streamline and simplify their hiring processes by placing the ideal candidates into open job vacancies.


To date, we’ve helped more than 17,000 recruits find work, and we’ve positively impacted more than 35 Australian communities. We’re committed to making a genuine difference in the lives of employers and job seekers alike.


To learn more about our services or to enlist our employment services in Rockhampton, contact us today.

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