Chris has an intellectual disability and previously worked as a supported employee through Endeavour Foundation. However, he was ready to take on new challenges, gain more responsibility and financial independence with a new job. So, the Community Solutions Disability Employment Services (DES) team on the Sunshine Coast went out in search of the right role.

A job where Chris’s personality can shine

Chris has an incredible ability to quickly understand and move through his tasks while still focusing on quality, but he also loves the social aspect of work. So, Carlos, his DES Recruitment Partner, knew the role needed to consider all these great qualities as well as providing Chris more independence.

When speaking with Chris’s prospective employer about the role, Carlos worked through Chris’s strengths and abilities to ensure they matched the job.

“I was super honest about Chris’s abilities, strengths, development opportunities and interests. I wanted it to be a good match for everyone.” Carlos said.

Brock is the Manager at De Brett Seafood. For this particular role, they wanted someone who could knuckle down, get the task done and enjoy a joke with the team every once in a while.

“We were looking for someone in this particular role to process prawns and do labels and stickers and that kind of thing.” Said Brock.

After leaving a great impression at the interview, Chris went in for a trial. De Brett Seafood offered Chris the position that same week.

“They (Community Solutions) found the job for me and got me the interview.” Chris said.  “I really wanted open employment, so this is better for me. I work three days a week and that’s good for me.”


Building Chris up to land the right job

In his previous role, Chris had access to plenty of support and training. However, he was ready to take on more responsibility and have financial independence with a new job.

“I was working at Endeavour Foundation which was really good, but I really wanted open employment”. Said Chris.

With an understanding of Chris’s goals, needs and abilities, the DES team were in the perfect position to find the right role for Chris.

Initially, Carlos helped Chris prepare for landing the right job by building his skills and confidence.

“I worked with him to update his resume and how to market himself to an employer,” said Carlos.

Shortly after, the team found a great employer and job that would support everything Chris wanted to achieve.

“We identified De Brett Seafood in Mooloolaba were hiring and lined him up for an interview”. Said Carlos.


Supporting Chris’s independence

Now, Chris spends his days at De Brett Seafood in the prawn section. He’s in charge of peeling, washing and prepping the prawns for wholesale.

Carlos regularly checks in with Chris to see how he is going in his new role. This provides the perfect opportunity to make sure Chris and Brock have the support for Chris’s ongoing employment at De Brett Seafood.

Chris achieves what’s set out for him every day and is an integral part of their team.

“He’s great, he has a laugh, he’s cheeky but he gets the work done. We set him a task per day and he just gets it done.” Said Brock.

Chris’s story shows how you can achieve your goals and find the right job just by reaching out and asking. With support from Carlos and finding the right employer to let his abilities shine, Chris has found independence.

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