Finding the right job, a place to live and a car are all goals for Dillan and, in truth, most teenagers.

Yet, living with autism and finding work in Yeppoon has made this a challenge for Dillan. He just wanted to show his ability and became frustrated when his efforts weren’t going anywhere.

“I was looking for work for ages, I was handing out resumes everywhere in Yeppoon. Until this came up, I had nothing,” said Dillan.

So, Dillan decided to get help from Community Solutions Yeppoon Disability Employment Services (DES).

Setting Dillan up with the tools to work

Dillan wanted to become job-ready and connect with businesses that were looking to hire.

Therefore, his DES Recruitment Partner Bronach provided advice and the tools needed to help him achieve his goals.

“They started helping me a lot.” Said Dillan. “Bronach made my resume, talked to the local businesses and saw what was available and helped me find places to go to.”

Dillan’s determination to work and be independent was obvious to Bronach. She believed he would achieve his goals and be able to show his ability and skills.

During this time, Dillan looked for an appropriate living situation – one that would provide a good environment to support his goals. Luckily, Bronach talked Dillan through his options and supported him to make the right decisions. Not long after, Bronach found Dillan a place to live and a job!

“I found him shared accommodation and a job at the same time, giving him value and independence as he was determined to gain employment,” said Bronach. “He has gained this opportunity in his own right and I’m very proud of him.”

Showing his natural ability in the kitchen

Dillan is currently working at Bartletts Tavern in Rockhampton. His eagerness to work, and work hard, is obvious to his new team and employer.

Pretty quickly, Dillan became a valued team member and is commended on his natural ability in the kitchen.

“I’ve given him a bit of knife skills. He seems to pick that up relatively fast and that’s a big thing. A lot of kids would take three or four weeks to pick it up and he seems to pick it up straight away so that was a huge, huge feat. I think he’s just got that natural ability.” Said Bartlett’s Tavern Head Chef Anthony.

Dillan is now considering becoming a chef as a career choice after his success in the kitchen.

Autism and finding work in Yeppoon

Determined to gain his independence

Bronach provides ongoing support for Dillan to make sure he has everything he needs to be successful in his job. She also provides ongoing support to help him achieve his other goals.

“She still comes to see me and help me do stuff like get a place and get a car.” Said Dillan.

Dillan’s determination and hard work paid off and he is now working around 30 hours a week at Bartlett’s Tavern.

Due to this, Dillan can work towards finding his own rental accommodation, getting his license and a car.

“It’s something I’m working towards, I have my learners, but I don’t have my license yet,” said Dillan.

When you have the determination and the right support – you can do anything!

If, like Dillan, you’re living with autism and want to find work, check out our  Disability Employment Services and explore how we can support you.

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