For Jared, a fourth-year automotive apprentice, he always had a keen interest for cars and all things automotive. Pursuing an automotive apprenticeship allows Jared to work in an industry he is passionate about and gain skills for a life-long career.

Finding a passion for automotive

With the help of his dad, Jared was exposed to the world of vintage cars, “I guess you could say it started at a young age. My dad always had some form of classic car. And I was always around them”.

Jared knew he wanted to be an automotive specialist, but he worried about the skills he needed to obtain an apprenticeship. While in high school, he completed a Certificate II in Automotive Servicing Technology.

Starting the day

Jared says his apprenticeship is more than working on cars, “When I’m first arriving to work, it’s about getting the workshop up and running. So, turning the workshop board or turning the power on, doing a quick clean up.”

Jared stands proudly in the workshop where he is completing automotive apprenticeship

“Once that’s all done, then I look at the list of what’s to do or if I still have work continuing on from the day before, I continue with that, get that finished or lined up for the next bit of machining. And then I go on from there.”

Working with a great team

Working in a shop environment means you’re working with a variety of people, Jared says they make the day even more enjoyable, “I enjoy the company in the workshop, it’s a good environment to be around.”

Jared found a group of people who had a passion for their work “Everyone is like-minded. Everyone enjoys having a laugh.”

Jared works with a group of highly skilled specialists who support their apprentice, “All the guys in the shop work together well. I can do some things by myself, but when it comes to more in-depth, which I haven’t quite learned quite much yet, one of the guys will show me.”

Working on skills

very day Jared completes various jobs, but his favourite task is engine mounting, “It is assembling pistons, candy rods, and crankshafts, which is the whole rotating assembly.

Jared says there can be hard days too, “You can do the same process each day and it could work every time, but then you get to one and it’s not quite right. You must stop, and problem solve. That type of thing can be quite difficult.”

“Problem solving is a key component to have. Because it’s also about working on the spot or either seeking help from another co-worker or a trained qualified tradesman that has experienced the challenge before.”

Jared says it all comes with learning, “I’d like to be more well-rounded with when it comes to skills. But it’s all about learning, and then putting it into practice. And then same thing over and over again.”

Jared operating machinery at his apprenticeship workplace

Advice to future-apprentices

Jared says having some prior knowledge and a passion will help start an apprenticeship, “Having a bit of prior knowledge or training goes a long way when it comes to employers looking at your resume. They think you will be worth keeping around, compared to someone who’s not had experience.”

Community Solutions can help you develop your skills, gain a Certificate I in Automotive with a 13-week paid full-time course. During the course, you will accumulate a variety of skills as you work with a range of standout masters of their trade.

Jared says there are a few things he learned along the way, but the most important is keeping a clean workspace, “It’s important to maintaining workshop cleanliness. Having really good attention to detail is a very key component when it comes to an apprenticeship and always being on time.”

“Or being very proactive and being interested is another very big component because when it comes to, if you’re doing work experience before actually getting the apprenticeship, it’s always trying to look busy, whether it’s picking up a broom or sweeping the floor or cleaning a machine, so you’re always busy.”

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