After giving up a career in aged care, and a stressful experience in a new job, Kathy hit rock bottom. But, with support from her Disability Employment Services (DES) Recruitment Partner Sara, Kathy gained the confidence she needed.

“Thank God there is someone I can turn to. That can help me. Cause I was at that stage where I can’t help myself. That you’re at the end of your road and you don’t know what else to do. And Sara was there for me.” says Kathy.

Now, her passion for helping others has led to a new career as a Workforce Partner at Community Solutions.

Pathway to a new career

Kathy initially came to Community Solutions as a job seeker through Centrelink, following a back injury sustained during her aged care career.

“I was constantly in a stage of body stress and I knew that would never, never ease off,” said Kathy.

“I loved my job, I loved working in aged care. My boss cried the day I said I was going. I had everything, I just didn’t have it physically anymore.”

Luckily Kathy had her Recruitment Partner Sara to provide support and listen to what she needed in her next career.

Having someone there to listen

After her first placement via the DES program didn’t work out, it led Kathy down a path of depression. She called Sara in tears, feeling like her life was over.

“I don’t know what to do, I don’t know where to go, who to turn to. And that’s when she said, ‘you turn to me,” said Kathy.

Struggling with self-confidence throughout her career, Kathy always felt like her work wasn’t good enough. Sara’s support allowed Kathy to open up about her fears and seek support when she was feeling low.

“She had a lot of experience with people in this situation and she genuinely liked me. It’s hard to explain but I just felt very supported by her,” says Kathy.

Her worries stopped as soon as she had someone to help her to find the right career. Not long after, Sara recommended Kathy for a job at Community Solutions where she would provide care and support for others in need without any physical stress on her back.

A confidence boost for Kathy

One year into her career, Kathy says her position can sometimes be confronting, but she has never been happier or more fulfilled.

“You get to know people. They’re in hard situations. They must trust you before they will open and there are some hard nuts to crack.”

Kathy’s ability to genuinely listen to someone and build their trust made her the best candidate for the role and has given her a huge boost of confidence.

“Whatever I’m doing, I’m doing right and I’m loving it,” says Kathy.

Just like Kathy, the right support can help you find your next career. Find out more about our Disability Employment Services and how the team and help you.

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