Kirsty loves animals, country music and all things pretty and feminine. She is a long-term Endeavour Foundation customer, and for the past two years Community Solutions Support Coordinator Samantha has worked with Kirsty to help her live life to the fullest.

Samantha helps Kirsty make the most of her NDIS plan. She coordinates Kirsty’s funded supports and helps her make decisions about the supports that will help her achieve her goals.

NDIS support makes all the difference

Kirsty’s first goal was to start walking again. In 2015, Kirsty had an accident at the gym and injured her knee. Although there was no permanent damage, the initial pain and fear of pain saw Kirsty use a wheelchair for two years.

During this time, Kirsty refused to walk or to attend rehabilitation sessions and developed challenging behaviours. So, Community Solutions Behaviour Support team worked with Kirsty to help improve her wellbeing and overcome these behaviours.

As a result, Kirsty got back on her feet thanks to her support workers and a chance occurrence with a piece of chocolate.

“One of Kirsty’s support workers Josh was standing near Kirsty holding a piece of chocolate one day,” says her mother Vanessa.

“She decided she wanted it and stood up from her wheelchair and stepped towards him. Josh was so surprised he took a photo and quickly sent it to me.”

Building Kirsty’s confidence

Once Kirsty realised her knee was no longer sore her confidence soared, and with some brief therapy and the encouragement of Sam and her support workers, she began to walk again.

“Since Kirsty got up and started walking again she just keeps moving forward and hasn’t looked back.”

Samantha says Kirsty’s behaviour also changed when she became more mobile.

“She became her happy-go-lucky self again. She is now working with a speech therapist to improve her speech to be able to express her needs and wants, and her communication has vastly improved,” said Samantha.

Vanessa has nothing but praise for Samantha and the support team.

“She is amazing, she is a fabulous person,” Vanessa said.  The support workers, they are all wonderful, I cannot fault them.”

Finding Kirsty her dream job

Another of Kirsty’s goals was to work with animals and the Community Solutions team found her a volunteer opportunity at an animal shelter.

“Now that Community Solutions has come into our lives with NDIS, it has been a godsend.” Vanessa said.

Like Kirsty’s story, Community Solutions Support Coordinators are here to help you make the most of your NDIS plan. Contact us today if you need support.

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