Did you know that roughly *44% of Australian workers are feeling a high stress level at work? Now more than ever do we need International Stress Less Week and, to introduce simple adjustments into the workplace which help us stress less at work.

From experience, we know that preparation and setting professional goals are a great way to reduce anxiety at work. So, we’ve pulled together our five top tips to reduce pressure at work and enable you to become more productive in the workplace.

Tidy desk = tidy mind

It’s an oldy, but goody, but having a clean and tidy desk will help you feel ready for the day. Being prepared will reduce pressure and help you stress less at work.

Be a keen bean, if only for International Stress Less Week!

Having a can-do attitude will reduce your slumps and remove the anxiety often associated with a long to-do list. Having a positive outlook will also set you apart from your co-workers and help you climb the career ladder. When asked, nominate yourself for the task.

Speak positively

Swap negative criticisms for positive ones. By introducing this subtle change, you will notice a positive lift in your mood and less distress. Not only is this tip great for your wellbeing in general, it’s a great way to become a valued member of your team.

Stress less at work with one smile at a time

Smiles are contagious, “You can catch them like a flu”. Try smiling at five different co-workers and see how this can help you maintain a good mood.

Be open to positive feedback

Being willing to learn is more valuable to your boss than being the smartest. You can also put yourself under unnecessary pressure if you try to be. Be open to feedback and your stress will melt away and you’ll become a more valuable team member.

So, there you have it. Our five top tips to help you stress less at work.

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