For ten years Tao had been unemployed. Being at home alone, she raised her two children without any family support. Tao’s busy life as a parent had taken her away from the workforce, and this had led to bouts of depression. She thought this was a barrier to finding work, so she searched for support to help her make some life changes.

Taking the first step back to work

Tao’s first step back to work began by calling Community Solutions in Rockhampton. She discussed her situation and voiced her concerns with Recruitment Partner Amanda. Tao thought that her health condition may be a barrier to pass medical tests for employment.

“I came and had an interview, and Amanda spoke to me and said we can get you a job.” Said Tao.

Amanda explained, “The first step you have to take is to come in. Then we back you all the way, that’s how I explain my role. We’re a recruitment partner, we’re in a partnership together.” Tao and Amanda then worked together to access Disability Employment Services.

Back in the workforce

Tao’s first step soon paid off as Amanda found her a six-week contract with UGL in Stanwell. Now, more than a year later, she is still employed with them on a casual basis, when someone goes on leave.

In addition, Amanda found Tao a job at a Rockhampton food processor company, where she prepares food for restaurants. As a result of both these jobs, Tao is delighted to be back in the workforce.

“Amanda gave me a lot of support.’ Said Tao. “Because of everyone giving me that support.  I got myself up and went forward, I said I can do this. The crew and everyone here are awesome.”

Tao back in the workforce

Continuing Tao’s employment journey

But the support didn’t stop when she started work. Tao explained how the team continue to support her along her journey.

“Help with fuel cards and to help get my car registered and doing a lot of things that I couldn’t get done.” Said Tao. “Even how to budget money. Set a goal and get you to know how to save.”

Our Community Solutions team pride themselves on their relationships with customers. They have the unique opportunity to support a person throughout their work life, and this brings a great deal of job satisfaction.

We asked Tao if she had any advice for other job seekers who were in a similar position to when she started her journey.
“Whatever your goals are in life, stick to them and you’ll get there and make them happen.”

Our team helped Tao to break down her barrier to finding work, and we can help you too.
Find out more about our Disability Employment Services and start your journey with us today.

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