When Nat first met with the jobactive team she was experiencing a range of barriers to employment with issues in her personal life, a criminal history, mental ill health, a lack of recent experience and unreliable transport.

With support and encouragement, Nat was successful in gaining a cleaning position and was assisted with funding from the Department of Jobs and Small Business Employment Fund to help with transport and accommodation so she was closer to her new work. The jobactive team also helped Nat with budgeting and to manage her time and work shifts. The role only lasted four to five months but provided great recent experience for her resume.

Nat is now settled in a new role with another cleaning company and is continuing to make positive changes in her life. She recently bought herself a car and has been able to re-engage with her teenage children and spend quality time with them now she has reliable transport.

Jenna, Kim and the team are delighted in Nat’s achievements and the role they were able to play in getting her on her pathway to possibilities.

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