At 15 years old, Jaxson knew traditional education wasn’t right for him, but he never lost his desire to learn.

Jaxson realised early in life that he preferred tools over books, so he quit the classroom in Year 10 to follow his dream to be a boilermaker like his stepdad and granddad.

“I wasn’t enjoying school. I was really only going there to be with my mates,” he said.

Mum spotted an industry training ad for Community Solutions (formerly known as TORGAS) on Facebook  and thought it would be the best thing for me to get some training. We went to information nights, had an interview, and I got into the pre-apprenticeship program.”

As the largest employer of apprentices and trainees in North Queensland we support hopeful future apprentices to give them the skills required to become attractive candidates for apprenticeships.

Jaxson secured one of 12 spots in the program

Jaxson started his Certificate I in Engineering and felt like he was headed in the right direction.
“I would always try to pick my teachers brain because I wanted to know as much as possible and I would double-check with my teacher that my work was correct.” Jaxson said.

Jaxson was determined to complete his certificate before securing a job.

“I wanted the Cert I in Engineering first, I just wanted to get on with it.”

Jaxson wearing safety goggles and uniform in his apprenticeship workplace

Securing an apprenticeship

Just a few weeks into his traineeship, Jaxson’s eagerness to learn and outstanding attendance record resulted in his name being put forward for a boilermaker apprenticeship with DMC Electrical, Air Cooling and Sheet Metal in Townsville.

“I was in a bit of disbelief when I got the offer of the traineeship, but I was blown away when I was offered the apprenticeship before completing my course,” he said.

“Now I work five days a week at DMC, and because of the training from TORGAS they trust you to get in and start doing stuff. It is pretty easy when you’ve worked on that machine before.”

Jaxson completed his Certificate I in Engineering while working full-time and is on the path to becoming a certified boilermaker.

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