After losing interest in school, Jade chose to follow her passion for hairdressing and find a traineeship.  So, she talked to her school about it and they got in touch with the Community Solutions team.

Luckily for Jade, Community Solutions Field Service Officer, Jess, reached out to Clair, the owner of Salon 101, who needed a new trainee.

A passion for hairdressing

Growing up, Jade’s passion for hairdressing always showed. She loves styling everyone’s hair and knew it was something she wanted to pursue. 

“My Nan always wanted to be a hairdresser and I was very close to her, she passed away when I was young. My mum always wanted to be a hairdresser as well. Growing up I just had a knack with hair,” said Jade.

So, Jade decided to follow her passion and get a school-based traineeship in hairdressing. But, she knew it was important to stay in school and chose to do one day a week in her traineeship.

“I wanted to keep myself enrolled in school. And then I’m not overdoing it as I’ll get the one day off a week doing something I enjoy. It worked out well and it’s always something I’ve loved doing.”

Learning valuable skills

When Jade met Clair from Salon 101, it wasn’t long after that she started her traineeship and was learning valuable hairdressing skills.

“I love it here. It’s like our own little family in the salon. It’s great. Clair and I get along really well,” said Jade.

Clair has had many trainees over the years and explains that she’s been lucky with the quality of trainees that comes through her salon.

“Jade is great, she’s very easy to teach and very quick to learn,” says Clair. “She’ll be a really good hairdresser. I’ve let her cut my hair and I don’t let anyone cut my hair.”

Career support throughout her traineeship

Jade’s Field Service Officer Jess supported her along the way. Jess explains that Jade’s passion for hairdressing is obvious and it drives her to achieve her goals.

“Hairdressing seems to be Jade’s passion. There has always been a huge amount of motivation and interest when it comes to her training,” said Jess. “When starting out Jade was practicing on her mum’s hair because she was so excited about her training.”

With regular check-ins, Jade asked any questions she had about her traineeship or career with Jess.

“Whenever there’s anything I’m unsure about, I always go to Jess and she always follows things up for me and gets back to me pretty quickly. Sort of all-rounder, she helps me out with everything really,” said Jade.

Jade was able to get through any barrier that came up with Clair and Jess by her side.

“If I had things going on in my personal life, Clair was always there for me. She was like a second mum to me. I would always talk to Jess about it as well. And any decision I felt I needed to make she would always support me and reassure me that she’s there to help me if I do make that decision. She was always happy to help me work around things.”

Celebrating the next chapter of her hairdressing training

At times Jade felt stressed, so she turned to Clair and Jess who gave her the confidence boost she needed to complete her studies and focus on her career.

“I’m a bit of a stress head. When it was coming to the end, I was juggling school and TAFE and I was all over the place but Clair and Jess were there to tell me ‘you’ve got this’ and I did, I smashed it out,” said Jade.

Jade successfully completed her traineeship and is moving on to an apprenticeship with Salon 101 – an incredible milestone!

“Clair and I had our own little celebration and Jess came in to personally hand me the certificate.” “Being at the start of the apprenticeship, the main hope I have is to become a really good hairdresser and see where it takes me.”

Jade’s passion and hard work is evident to everyone around her and will no doubt take her far in her hairdressing career.

Are you interested in exploring a traineeship and apprenticeship ? Head to our Apprentices and Trainees page to find out how our team can help.  

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