At Community Solutions Regional Advantage events, regional employers hear about the benefits of hiring people with a disability. For Central Isuzu, the event opened an opportunity to diversify their team.

Building a diverse and inclusive workplace

Mark from Central Isuzu attended a Regional Advantage event. There, he learnt about the benefits of hiring people with a disability. In particular, the positive attitude and loyalty they bring to the workplace. Then, he passed on the details to Liam the Dealer Principal at Central Isuzu who had a yard role to fill.

“I came across Community Solutions from one of our salesmen. He engaged with Margi (from Community Solutions Rockhampton) to have one of their customers work at the dealership.” Said Liam.

Together, Liam and Margi discussed the needs of the role and how hiring someone with a disability could help their business.

“I immediately thought that Eddie would be the perfect candidate. We gathered for a ‘quick’ two-hour meeting with Eddie and Liam. Eddie’s enthusiasm and positivity had Liam sold on hiring him.” Margi said.

Valuable ongoing support

In addition, Liam and Eddie receive ongoing help from Bronach, their Field Representative as part of their employment support.

“We’re quite a small business. We’re only 22 staff so we don’t have the resource for someone to always be there for Eddie. So, having Bronach here to point out what to do is invaluable.” said Liam

“Bronach comes out and usually spends a good 2/3 hours a week with Eddie and actually works alongside him which I find incredible. It keeps him on task and she can provide a good example of how he should be getting through his work.”

Benefits of a committed team member

Employing people with a disability can have huge benefits to any business, like attracting and keeping talent. In fact, according to the Australian Network on Disability by having a diverse workplace, employees are more likely to stay with the business for longer. Thus, resulting in reduced recruitment and training costs.

“People like Eddie have a tremendous value in a business and sometimes it’s not always about what you consider the normal. There are other benefits outside the straight productivity that you get from a person with a disability, ” says Liam.

“With Eddie, his commitment goes beyond the tasks that he does. It’s the attitude and the big smile he brings to work.”

Actually, Eddie has become a bit of an ambassador for the business outside work hours. For example, the team have seen him out on the weekend with his Isuzu hat on telling people to buy a truck from the dealership.

Connect with local Rockhampton businesses

After hiring Eddie, Liam attended the next Regional Advantage event to connect with local businesses.

“It’s always good to meet other people. Particularly, people that are community minded. Those who look to give people with disabilities the opportunity to participate and contribute to society and the community.” Said Liam.

As a result, Liam and Eddie’s success story will no doubt inspire other business leaders to hire people with a disability.

If you’re looking to grow and diversify your team, head to the Regional Advantage page. Or, read more about Eddie and his new job at Central Isuzu.

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