Jordan Burke is a Community Solutions carpentry apprentice. For him, having the opportunity to work with different employers during his apprenticeship set him up to achieve his goals.

Starting his apprenticeship journey

Early on, Jordan’s high school teachers noticed his passion for carpentry and encouraged him to turn that into a career. Then, in 2017, Jordan started his apprenticeship with Community Solutions.

During this time, Jordan has worked with a number of our host employers which helped him improve his skills and experience in carpentry.

Jordan explains, “Having the opportunity to work with different carpenters and builders through the host employer system has enabled me to develop my skills further.”

When Jordan faced problems at work, he could turn to his Field Service Officer, Jess, for support.

“I have always felt supported by my field reps and have been able to discuss any problems or concerns I’ve had throughout my apprenticeship,” said Jordan.

Through this support, Jordan could make the right decisions for his career. Now part of the EcoUConstruction team, he’s improving his leadership skills and becoming more confident in his trade.


The road to Apprentice of the Year

Jordan always looks for opportunities to learn more about his trade, how it can help the community and new techniques to improve his carpentry skills.

Because of this, his hard work and talent are noticed by employers and the Community Solutions team. Jess explains that he constantly receives great feedback and job requests from employers.

Adding to his journey, Jordan volunteers his time to help others in the community. Last year, he travelled to the Solomon Islands to assist with building and teaching carpentry skills.

“This was a life-changing experience as I was able to help others less fortunate than myself. I enjoyed being a part of a different culture and teaching the local boys new skills,” said Jordan.

So, it’s no surprise that Jordan won Apprentice of the Year at Master Builders 2020 Housing & Construction Awards for the Sunshine Coast region.

“It was such an honour to receive this award. A great sense of achievement,” says Jordan.

Last year, Jordan was runner-up for the same award. In the hopes to win this year, he worked hard with his employer to improve his skills and achieve his goals – well done Jordan!


Jordan’s future in carpentry

Now a fourth-year apprentice, Jordan is focused on improving his confidence and leadership skills in carpentry. Also, he wants to learn ways to construct projects that focus on using renewable energy systems.

Congratulations Jordan on this incredible achievement. We know that you are on the right path to success!

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