The Community Solutions Group, now amalgamated with leading national disability service provider Endeavour Foundation, offers a unique and effective approach to not only dealing with disadvantage, but also creating opportunities for individuals, families and communities in regional Australia.

As the community service sector shifts towards a competitive open market environment under the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), the Community Solutions Group continues to embrace the significant benefits that can be achieved when like-minded organisations work together to ensure their relevance, sustainability and strategic positioning to maximise future opportunities.

During 2014, Community Solutions Group confirmed its commitment to growth and diversification through amalgamation, by joining Endeavour Foundation to develop a national NGO provider of integrated health and human services.

Having previously facilitated a number of strategic amalgamations with organisations including Community Employment Options, Pioneer Employment Service, Compass Whitsundays, Capricornia Respite Care Association, Personnel West and Acclaim Apprentices and Trainees, Community Solutions Group has proactively demonstrated its capacity and experience in managing multiple NGO amalgamations across diverse service and geographic areas.

The coming years will bring significant transformational change, challenge and opportunity for NGOs, with difficult economic conditions driving reduced margins, increased competition from sophisticated “for profit” providers and the bundling of large contracts and services across larger geographic areas.

To effectively respond to this change, like minded NGOs must build upon shared values to:

  • Leverage off combined strengths and resources to create additional strategic capacity
  • Develop a sound governance platform
  • Significantly enhance corporate, system and service capacity
  • Achieve economies of scale
  • Create a competitive advantage in an open market, low margin environment

The Community Solutions Group, with the support of Endeavour Foundation, is encouraged by the opportunity to engage with like-minded NGOs who seek to not only “survive” but “thrive” in this dynamic service environment, be developing a national and diversified NGO service platform.

Importantly, this increased capacity developed through amalgamation will benefit the individuals, families and communities we support.

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