Speech Language Pathology

Many people have difficulty communicating or understanding others, or they may have difficulty eating. These people may have been born with a developmental delay or disability, or have experienced a stroke or brain injury during their lifetime. Our team of qualified speech pathologists support adults and children to improve communication or swallowing.

Community Solutions is a registered NDIS provider and our speech pathologists work with people with disabilities to build their capacity.

A person may benefit from consulting with a speech pathologist if they:

  • Have trouble communicating their basic needs
  • Do not talk or are a late talker
  • Have problems understanding or following instructions
  • Have difficulty pronouncing words or sounds, including stuttering
  • Have trouble swallowing, drool or are fussy eaters

We work with people and their supports to assess their skills and provide a comprehensive report with recommendations for therapy.

When providing therapy, our team collaborate with the person and their supports to develop goals and build independent skills. We may also develop resources and find appropriate assistive technology to assist communication.

Our clinicians provide face-to-face support across contexts, including in our clinic, at home or in community settings. We support people to improve their:

  • Language – understanding and expressing using words or signs
  • Functional communication – communicating wants and needs using speech, signs, pictures or assistive technology
  • Eating – eating safely and enjoying different foods

Our team accept funding from multiple sources including:

  • Medicare – bulk billing for healthcare card holders
  • National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS)
  • Fee for service
  • Other funding programs

To find out more, please call us on 1300 770 145 or email us at ndis@communitysolutions.org.au

For more information, please download the fact sheet Speech Language Pathology