For AccessAbility Day this year, our Disability Employment Services (DES) job seekers took part in a day of work experience with local employers. AccessAbility Day is an opportunity for job seekers with disability to try roles, new industries and to network.

It’s also a fun, learning experience for both job seekers and employers to show what they can offer. As a result, our DES job seekers developed confidence in the workplace and learnt more about specific industries.

Isaac’s successful day at work

Community Solutions DES job seeker Isaac has experience in the environmental sector through volunteer work. The Department of Environment and Science approached the Community Solutions Rockhampton team to be part of AccessAbility Day. The team knew Isaac would be the perfect person to join the team for the day.

Work Experience - AccessAbility Day

Isaac spent the day in the office. He said the opportunity inspired him to see how a person with health challenges could work in a government department.

“I saw their new drone program and got a basic understanding of how mining permits operate. I also gained some insight into their incident response process”, said Isaac.

“Everyone was very friendly and inclusive. They’d even read through my resume before I got there. It showed they had a genuine interest in who they were spending the day with.”

“The experience opened my eyes to the possibility of taking the steps to one day moving into this type of industry. I’m very thankful to the Department and Community Solutions for the opportunity.”

Matching job seekers with the right roles

Our team aim to match job seekers to the perfect role and employer for them. To achieve this, the team take the time to learn about each job seeker. This includes the industries where they have interest or previous experience and potential for future employment success.

They’ll also assess their barriers to finding and keeping work making sure the placement is the right fit for them.

Darren McDonell is part of the DES team in Rockhampton. He said AccessAbility Day is a positive experience for both employers and job seekers.

“We’re lucky in Rockhampton to have great relationships with local employers. They are happy to open their workplaces to people with disability for a day. This allows businesses to explore the idea of hiring a person with disability in the future,” said Darren.

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