Since hiring his first apprentice through Community Solutions, Brad has seen his business grow.  And with further expansion on the horizon, he has his sights on hiring more apprentices in the future.

Sustainable apprentice business models

Brad’s business strategy is focussed on environmental and sustainable building materials. It’s a model Brad applies to each area of his business, including his people and recruitment plan.

“For many businesses, if they want to be sustainable, then they’ve got to start looking at these strategies and also developing talent.” Said Brad.

So, in that sense, Brad has really pushed the boundaries in every aspect of his business from transport and materials through to sustainable apprentice business models, by working with Community Solutions.


Advantages of Group Training Organisations

As a small company, Brad believes his time is best invested in growing his business. His focus is on large scale solar and battery farm projects, so having Community Solutions take care of hiring the talent is a great advantage.

“The benefit of using Community Solutions is leveraging their resources, like HR specialists, marketing team or liaison officers.  Even just looking for the right type of talent for the business. We don’t have the time to do that.

“From my point of view, Community Solutions fills that void. There are so many added benefits which a small company couldn’t traditionally do. Whereas a Group Training Organisation gives you a fully managed workforce with a dedicated field officer and one-on-one support. It’s that added value that we just don’t really have.” Explains Brad.

The systems and software in place at Community Solutions enhances and supports Brad’s business.

“We use a construction software called Tradify alongside Community Solutions HR management process and financial back-end accounting. This really supports our business and it’s a series of software I don’t have to purchase. Those systems are there to support business growth and if you don’t have those kinds of systems you can’t grow a business.”

Award winning apprentices

Brad came across Community Solutions through the Master Builders Association, of whom he is a member. Brad hired his first apprentice in 2020 and together with Community Solutions, invested much time and energy into him.  The apprentice then went on to win the Master Builders Sunshine Coast Apprenticeship of the Year award.

Community Solutions Field Officer Warren Allen has been the main contact for Brad throughout his apprentice hiring journey.

“I guess from our perspective it’s about supporting host employers. That’s when the apprentices get the most out of their apprenticeships too. So, when we partner with a host employer like Brad who concentrates and focuses on their training, that’s paramount to us.”

“We know that we’re doing all we can for Brad, and the apprentices are in a good safe environment to get the training they need.” Said Warren.


Planning for succession with Community Solutions

Later, Brad asked Community Solutions to find some more talented young people as part of his succession planning for staff.

“We now have a first-year apprentice, Connor, who is fantastic. He’s been with us on the latest project, putting in new concrete slabs and is very willing to learn.”

“So, we then employed a second person, Jayden and he’s shown a whole bunch of initiative. I’ve been fortunate that Community Solutions can find me that particular talent in the market.” Said Brad.

Connor and Jayden both enjoy the work and are keen to learn all aspects of carpentry.

“There’s a lot of different things we get to do on site. I’ve been here about two or three months and I’ve done flooring, roofing, piling and a bunch of other things. We work with good people as well, which is a positive.” Said Connor.

Supporting apprentices and growing business

Eco U Construction is now looking to hire a mature age person through Community Solutions. Brad hopes they will fill a slightly different gap in the business. As he grows the company and has projects interstate, Brad hopes he can hire more and more people.

If you want to discover a sustainable way to grow your business, read more about hiring a Community Solutions apprentice or trainee in construction. You can also find out more about the benefits of wage subsidies for apprenticeships.


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