Do you have a disability, injury or health condition?

Do you want to work or need help in your current job? Our team are here to help you achieve your employment goals.

Disability Employment Services

We work with you to find the right job for you and help to keep you employed.


We live and work in your community and have strong relationships with local employers so we can access jobs to match your skills and abilities.


If you’re not quite ready for work yet, we’ll connect you with programs to help you prepare and take that next step closer to work and we can access funding to help with health, education or work-related expenses to support you to work.

Help to stay in your current job

Work Assist

Work Assist is support for eligible employees experiencing challenges in their current role due to injury, disability or a health condition.


Our team work with you and your employer to keep you at work. Our help may include face-to-face support, advice about job redesign, a workplace assessment and workplace modification.



Get job ready

Employment for Secondary school students

Finding a job as a young person can be tough and usually doesn’t happen by chance.


Our Disability Employment Services team are here to help you meet your career goals and will develop a step-by-step plan to help you get there.


We’ll be by your side on your career journey, so you feel in control and confident that you’re on the right path.

Download our Secondary school employment flyer

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